Snapbranch Modular Magnetic Stand  

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*2-year warranty
Creative Version
Creative Version
$126.00 $168.00

Includes 1x Nillkin iPad Magnetic Suction Ring.
Snap on your iPad and work like a Pro.

*2-year warranty
Multitask Version
Multitask Version
$154.00 $224.00

Includes 1x Nillkin iPad Magnetic Suction Ring.
Unleash the potential of iPad, Phone, Apple Watch.

*2-year warranty
All-in-one Version
All-in-one Version
$182.00 $266.00

Includes 1x Nillkin iPad Magnetic Suction Ring.
Provide integrated storage for iPad, Phone, Apple Watch and Headphones.

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See in Action

A good stand can instantly declutter the desktop
Give your devices a proper home
An all-in-one stand for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch
Removable and Rotatable Magnetic Attraction Stand
Realize Seamless Multi-Screen Collaboration

Desktop Performer

It is your gateway to a world of endless creativity and seamless performance.
Effortless phone stand, a breeze for your device to lean on.

Rotate to Your Needs

Ergonomic Design

Station Base

The base has a 360-degree rotation function, using the wave bead rotation design, dial the base has a ticking sound effect.

Beyond Imagination

Rock-Solid and Unbreakable

Weighted Iron Block

The base is equipped with an integrated weight block of approximately 600g and comes with a silicone anti-slip pad, ot easy to shake collapse.

About us

Why we make

As the pace of life accelerates and productivity devices continue to innovate, multi-screen collaboration allows content to be transmitted across devices without hindrance, enabling various functional operations and people to work more efficiently.

About us

Living efficiently

Make your life and work easier by providing unique and quality products. We believe that high quality accessories enhance the user experience and our team constantly strives to develop and improve our products to meet the ever-changing market needs.

About Snapbranch

Compatible Devices

Nillkin SnapBranch Modular Device Station can simultaneously accommodate a variety of digital devices such as Tablets, Phones, Apple Watches, Headphones, etc., to achieve multi-screen collaboration, magnetic bracket and space storage, etc., and can flexibly adjust the combination at any time to build an exclusive ideal space, whether for work, study or entertainment can have a comfortable, convenient and efficient use of the experience.


iPad 7inch / 9.7inch / 10.2inch / 11inch / 12.9inch


iPhone 12/13/14 Series/ Cases with magnetic ring

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Ultra/ 8 / 7 / 3 /SE


AirPods Max / Beats / Bose / Sony / and soon

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rajeev Jarugula
Excellent quality products

Excellent quality products. Bought iPad case with keyboard along with iPhone accessories. Satisfied with quality and the products exceeds Nillkin’s promise. Recommended to my friends too.

This is a very nice Snap Branch Device Station...

This is a very nice Nillkin Tablet Stand with MagSafe Ring, 4 in 1 Magnetic Stand for Tablet/Phone/Apple Watch, Snap Branch Device Station. It is very easy to build and such a durable material. You can feel the durability right as soon as you receive the package and how heavy-duty it is. The phone and tablet holders have magnets in them that allow you to just put the phone on the stand rather than trying to adjust it into place or secure it with different types of stands. Really beautiful design. Amazing all around.

Extremely Magnetic & Secure

This was super easy to put together. The thing that I really love about this stand. Is that the magnets securely hold my iPad and iPhone in place . There is no way that this iPad or iPhone is going to fall off the stand which provides me security and ease.

this heavy duty stand is perfect for anyone. It’s great for the office, gaming, Podcasters, Youtubers and so much more.

It’s adjustable and easy to use.

I didn’t even use the directions for set up, so don’t allow the parts that it comes in to overwhelm you and prevent you from buying this.

Thx so much. I love this.

Good concept…

A bit too big for table top holder. It will hold watch, phone, tablet and other devices that have metal/magnetic base. It is not a charger but magnets are strong enough to hold device in place. Good concept. It is designed for large office space.

Martin A
Exceptional quality

This stand is an exceptional accessory that offers a multifunctional and convenient solution for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and headphone users. One of the best features is its magnetic attachment system. The tablets magnetic module is compatible with various iPad models, including the iPad Pro and iPad Air series. The phone module is designed for iPhones with magnetic cases, and the watch module caters to Apple Watch Series Ultra, SE, 8, 7, and 6. Additionally, there's a dedicated headset module for headphones like AirPods Max, Beats, and BOSE.

The stand's flexibility is great. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate your personal way fo working. With multiple angles for rotating the bracket and a 360° rotation stable base equipped with decompression damping sound effect, you can find the perfect viewing and working position to prevent fatigue and maximize comfort. It is made from high-quality aluminum alloy materials, and this stand is sturdy and reliable.

It is a little pricey, but the stand really does deliver!

Very Stable

This stand is very heavy and well-balanced. Holds my 12.9" iPad and iPhone and watch with no instability at all. It is very nice looking as well. Appears to be very well made. Magnets are strong. Very easy to assemble. I dont have any complaints at all.

Kennith J.
Heavy Duty!

This is very heavy duty! I used this primarily as a stand for my son's iPad Pro 12.9 and it does a great job. The additional pieces for the watch and phone are equally sturdy. The really nice part of this is that it is modular. You don't need to attach all of the pieces at once or at all if you don't need to. The swivel base is smooth and it provides just enough resistance that it doesn't spin like a top if you try to swivel it. It also doesn't move at the slightest touch so you are fighting keeping it in place. I highly recommend!

Must use magnet on iPad to use this stand

It is only a stand. An expensive stand, but if you like the asthetic, it's looks nice and is very sturdy.

The next huge drawback for many people may be the fact that you have to put a magnet ring on the back of your iPad to use this product. The instructions state that if you remove the magnet ring, you may not be able to re-adhere it to your device as it may not stick any longer.

I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I stuck this ring on my device and the glue is so sticky I'm afraid to peel it off, as I'm scared it may damage my ipad removing it.

It does hold your devices in a nice consolidated fashion, and you can adjust the placement and angle for viewing each device. I can see a use for this if you are live streaming on your ipad and need to access your phone for another purpose.

It is pretty heavy and comes in a nice box that would be suitable for gifting. The bottom of the base also has a sticker so you can remove the backing and stick it to your desk securely.

I feel it's a bit expensive for only a stand, and I'm sad i put this magnet on my device, which has now casused me to get an ipad cover from this same company so it's compatible. Hhhhhmmmm......

I cannot say I would recommend this item, but it looks nice and is sturdy.


I haven't received the item yet